Supply Chain Solutions

The goal of supply chain management is to deliver the right value to the customers, and this is only possible when all functions within the supply chain are optimized and working in sync. At Supply Chain Talks, we review the organization’s supply chain from a holistic perspective and work towards identifying the pain points and weak links, and thus turning weakness into opportunities of improvement and success.

Supply Chain Talks offers customized solutions in the following area of expertise:

  • Supply Chain Network Design and Optimization
  • Strategic Procurement, Spend Analysis and Supplier Management
  • Warehouse Operation, Flow & Design Analysis, and Management
  • Sales and Operations Planning
  • Inventory Planning and Management
  • Logistics and Transport Management
  • Performance Evaluation and Improvement Metrics

Managed Procurement

At Supply Chain Talks, we offer years of experience in procurement and access to large network of suppliers & partners towards helping organizations get the best value for money.

With the option of outsourcing all or part of the procurement function, Managed Procurement Services offered by Supply Chain Talks delivers a custom-built package of procurement expertise, providing the clients the freedom to focus on other core aspects of business operations.

We support organizations by optimizing and streamlining their procurement function and transform it to world class procurement organizations by:

  • Spend Analysis and Category Management
  • Opportunity Identification and Assessment
  • Procurement Consolidation
  • Supplier Evaluation and Relationship Management
  • Supplier Contract Management

Digital Transformation

Increased efficiency, productivity, better insights, improved customer service, and competitive advantage are some of the key benefits that an organization can appreciate if they embark on the journey of digital transformation.

We, at Supply Chain Talks, help organizations identify ways to become more profitable and provide their customers with more value by implementing strategic changes with the help of automation and digital technology.

  • Assess the organization’s current position and needs, and provide strong positioning for a sustainable future
  • Identify areas where digital solution or automation can be implemented to improve and strengthen processes and provide a strong competitive edge
  • Support the organization in effective change management by engaging with key stakeholders and resources
  • Assist the organization during the implementation or provide complete project management support

Supply Chain Recruitment

With our cross industry and years of professional experience within the supply chain management domain, we understand the need and demand of strong supply chain professionals and leaders.

At Supply Chain Talks, we support the organization in the following areas:

  • Organizational Structure realignment
  • Job role review and job description
  • Recruitment support
  • Customized trainings and workshops

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